Culture & Heritage

Culture & Heritage

Chamba is dotted with magnificently carved temples, palaces and buildings that you should visit. The Laxmi Narayan Temple, the main temple of Chamba and dating back to the 10th century, is a great work of art, built in a shikhara style. Within the same complex, visit the Temple of Radhakrishna, Shiva Temple and Gauri Shanker Temple.

Champavati Temple is a temple built in the memory of the King Sahil Varman's daughter Champavati. It showcases some fine stone carvings on its walls and roof.

The 1000-year-old Vajreshwari Temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Lightning, Vajreshwari, is yet another temple to visit.

Sui Mata Temple, located atop the hill of Shah Madar, is a beautiful place to visit. While here also see the Chamunda Devi Temple. The Hari Rai Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu is an 11th century temple in Chaugan, also worth visiting.

The Akhand Chandi Palace, belonging to the Chamba Family, is a beautiful work of art, with its glass work, fine woodwork and painted walls.

Also visit the Rang Mahal, said to be one of the largest monuments, built after the Mughal and British style of architecture.
To learn about the rich cultural heritage of Chamba, visit the Bhuri Singh Museum that has a rich collection of scriptures, manuscripts, paintings, coins and jewellery, mostly the private collection of the founder of the museum.
For an excursion, head out to the village of Saho, 20 kms from Chamba, where you can see the famous temple dedicated to Lord Chandra Shekhra or Shiva.

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